LED Camping Lantern


LED camping lantern is based on the traditional kerosene lamp shape evolved step by step and has retro and traditional meaning of lighting device. LED camping lantern's major feature is suitable for camping when placed in tents, because there is a cover outside the LED chips, then the LED light behind the cover will not be dazzling and reduce the light pollution, and some styles use milky white frosted cover, so that the LED light looks more soft. Of course, the use of the cover will also reduce the luminous efficiency of the lamp. If we want the luminous efficiency reach 80lm/w, the luminous efficiency of LED chips we use must reach 120lm/w. This is also a major difference of camping lamps from other lamps, and one of the reasons why camping lantern are more expensive than others. Moreover, the design of LED camping lantern has 360-degree illumination without blind area. Whether it is placed or hung, it can perfectly illuminate the surroundings. Nowadays, there are more and more LED camping lights, for example, in order to adapt to the heat and mosquitoes in summer, The design elements of fan and UV light mosquito repellent will be added, and use the filament as lighting source to keep the retro shape all the way. Of course, the design styles are also various, for example, the fan has lamp type, disc type, wind model, cylindrical type, silicone material can telescopic cover, etc. The printed patterns can also be customized, such as smiling face and Santa Claus that we have customized.

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