LED Night Light/Cabinet Light


LED night lights are mainly used in bedrooms, such as bedside, corner, etc. Of course, they can also be used in restaurants, such as dinner tables. LED night light has many design styles, and most of them are inspired from small animals or flowers. Aesthetic feeling is the soul of LED night light design. When you go to bed at night, you will not be afraid of the dark while it will not affect your sleep, because its lights are mainly soft yellow light, affinity and warmth. Most of our LED night lights are designed in two power supply modes, dry battery and lithium battery. Because the luminous flux of night lights is very low, even dry battery powered night lights can discharge for more than 20 hours. We also have high-brightness night lights. According to the different needs of the using spots, you can also adjust the brightness by stepless dimming or touch switch. LED cabinet lights are mainly used in wardrobes and cabinets with sensors. When you open the cabinet door, the lights turn on, and when you close the cabinet door, the lights turn off automatically. Of course, all cabinet lights have a constant bright mode. LED cabinet lights help you avoid the blind area of light source

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