LED Head torch/Headlight


LED headlight wholesale are mainly used to riding bicycles, fishing, wall painting, car painting, climbing mountains, mining and overhauling. With elastic headband to fix on the head of human body or safety helmet. The most important purpose of using led head torch is to free your hands to engage in their own hobbies or working in the darkness. There are two main styles of LED headlamps in the market, one of aluminum material with zoom in/out by SMD chips, the other of plastic material with a wide irradiation range by COB chips. Aluminum headlamps mainly have better heat dissipation and longer life span. Of course, lumens can also reach 1500lm. Battery backpacks are generally separated from the main body of the lamp, so that 2 or 3 pcs of 2000Mah-3000Mah 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries can be used to extend the discharge time to 3.0-6.0 hours. The headlamp made of plastic material are relatively light, most of them using one pc of small polymer battery of 800Mah-2000Mah. Generally, the battery house and lamp body will be combined into one part, which can achieve 120-600lm, and the discharge time can also reach 3.0-6.0 hours. Everywhere your eyes go, there is light. This is the beauty headlights bring to you. Welcome contact Bright Bird led headlight manufacturers.

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