Rechargeable work light


Since 2017, even low-end quality working lights switched to use lithium battery as power supply and developed rapidly. By the end of 2020, it’s hard to find any new dry batteries powered working lights in the market, which shows that lithium battery power supply working lights are generally accepted by consumers. Due to the change of power supply mode for using of lithium polymer battery, rechargeable work light is possible to realize high-brightness of lighting products. The work lights with lithium battery in our company have a maximum lumen of 3000lm at present, and the discharge time can reach 3 hours under the natural discharge mode. All the work lights in our company have 3 modes, high brightness, medium brightness, and low brightness. When the low brightness mode is 1000lm, it can work about 6 hours, which can meet any emergency power demand. Of course, we designed some mini models work lights powered by lithium battery, such as of that with pen clips, which are easy to fix in pockets, and those with hooks, which are easy to hang on branches or anywhere that can be hung. Most of rechargeable work lights have magnets, which can be adsorbed on all iron-containing materials so that can meet various applications. We have also developed some cob led work light with frosted transparent covers at present, which make the light softer and not irritate to the eyes. If you want to save money, if you want to make your world brighter, rechargeable work lights will be your best choice.

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