Battery powered work light


Human beings have been making progress from the most primitive friction fire to the use of candles, and then to the use of electricity, from kerosene lamps, tungsten lamps, and then to energy saving lamps, and finally LED lamps are used in all aspects of life because of more efficient and low cost. The power supply mode of LED work lights was also developed from dry batteries to rechargeable lithium batteries. Of course, we are looking forward to further technological innovation. The main feature of LED work lights powered by dry batteries is that the lights can always be working if you have enough dry batteries to make your world bright when you are in outdoors. Generally, dry battery powered work lights with small size is easy to carry, usually using AA or AAA batteries and is very easy to buy everywhere. Carbon and alkaline batteries are the most common dry battery in daily life, alkaline battery provide the better discharge time. And most of the dry battery powered work light are designed to focus on SMD at the top and COB at the side of the light body, so that not only it can illuminate with long-distance by the head, but also large-scale by COB chip. The lumens of dry battery powered work lights are between 100-400lm, and the discharge time ranges from 3 hours to 6 hours. All dry battery powered work lights have magnet settings, which can be adsorbed on iron-containing materials at any angle, and have hook settings, which can be hung in any place. Dry battery operated warning light can bring the brightness of your travel , and guide you with light beams.

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