Rechargeable LED headlights can reach to ultra-high lumens and ultra-long discharge time. The brightest rechargeable head torch uses aluminum with good heat dissipation performance with zoomable function. It is built in with 3pcs of 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries, and the battery backpack and the lamp body are separated, the luminous flux can reach 1500lm, and the working time can reach 6.0 hours under natural discharge. Most of rechargeable headlights are made of ABS. In order to meet the higher requirements of waterproof and dustproof recently, the TPR & ABS are applied to be used as body material, and the waterproof can reach to IP65. For the plastic headlights, most of them adopt the combination of lamp body and battery. The lithium polymer battery with small volume and large capacity, the capacity ranging from 800-2000Mah, maximum lumen can reach to 600lm, and discharge time is 3.0-6.0 hours. Of course, we have also designed a rechargeable headlamp which Li-polymer and dry batteries share the same battery house recently. You can prepare an extra Li-polymer battery provided by us or prepare more dry batteries, to meet your long-term use. LED Headlights are also unique in lighting design. We match the blue light, red light and green light to meet many different purposes such as fishing, riding and warning. But also set up SOS, flash and other first aid functions

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