Battery powered head torch/headlight


Some low lumen headlights are mainly powered by dry batteries. The main feature of this kind of battery powered headlight' s luminous flux is between 60-250lm, and the discharge time is 2-5 hours. Such battery powered head torch is mainly small, light and cheap, and the style design is relatively simple. There are also some special designs, which are suitable for children's favorite animal models. Considering the cost of dry battery powered headlights, The material is mainly made of ABS. Of course, some styles using ABS and TPR in order to meet higher waterproof and dustproof request, or using aluminum for focusing function in the head. The headlights are also unique in lighting design. We will match blue light, red light and green light to meet many different purposes such as fishing, riding and warning. But also set up SOS, flash and other first aid functions. The main features of dry battery powered headlights are easy to buy dry battery, so you don't have to worry about running out of power supply.

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