LED rechargeable night lights have been accepted by more and more people, and are replacing the traditional night lights, because rechargeable night lights can be placed in any position you want, without being limited to the plug position, and the styles are particularly novel and diverse, without being limited to the wall. Most of the rechargeable night lights are designed with luminous flux of 5lm-150lm. The lighting mode of the lights can be switched according to different scenes of eating, sleep and reading. Matching a 2000Mah polymer lithium battery, the discharge time can be varied from 5 to 60 hours. LED rechargeable cabinet lights use the 3M glue to stick the patch under the partition, and the magnet in the lamp body is adsorbed on the patch to fix the place you want, which is convenient to take it down or change the position at any time. Cabinet lamps are mostly made of ABS or aluminum with different lengths to meet the lighting requirements of different cabinet wardrobe spaces, and they are quite light and thin, not occupying too much space. The luminous flux is mostly between 100lm and 400lm, and a lithium polymer battery with different capacities of 200-800Mah is built in. The discharge time ranges from 5.0 hours to 20.0 hrs. Induction switch is the main feature of cabinet lamp and wardrobe. When the cabinet door is opened, the lamp lights up and when the cabinet door is closed, the lamp turn off.

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