Rechargeable camping lantern


LED rechargeable camping lantern is the mainstream camping lamp with power supply mode in recent years. At present, the maximum luminous flux of our camping lamp can reach to 1000lm and built in with two pcs of 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries of 2000Mah or one rechargeable lithium polymer battery of 5000Mah, which extends the discharge time to 5.0-10.0 hours. The main design feature of camping lamp is that it has a handle and a stable base. Whether it is carrying the lamp to climb mountains, lighting on the table or hanging in a tent to read books and picnic on any branch, it can be illuminated at 360-degree without dead angle, and it glows evenly after being reflected by the frosted cover without dazzling. There are some rechargeable LED camping lanterns also combined with solar panels for charging, so no need to worry about the power outage or fail to charge in time. The use of solar panels is a good helper for camping lamps. The waterproof performance of LED rechargeable camping lamps is quite good, which basically meets the waterproof requirements of IP65. In particularly rainy days, if you need to go out or go forward in the rain, the light brought by LED rechargeable camping lamps in the rain is irreplaceable.

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