Battery operated camping lantern


The design of dry battery powered LED camping lantern is small, lovely and delicate. In addition, the whole body is illuminant with 360 degree and the soft light makes people feel warm. It’s luminous flux is mostly between 50-300lm, mainly with low brightness because of considering the discharge time. The discharge time of AA or AAA battery camping lights is between 3.0-6.0 hours. It is the brightness that will light up a touch for you in the dark. You can basically sleep at night without turning off the lights, so that children and adults can sleep more safely. Small camping lamps are usually equipped with hooks and magnets. The hooks allow you to hang the lamps anywhere conveniently, such as inside tents, branches and trousers lamps. The magnets are mainly used to adsorb on objects made of iron and free their hands. If you want to take better care of your children's eyes, please choose camping lanterns.

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