LED Handheld Spotlight


Handheld led spotlight is mainly designed for jungle exploration. Its biggest feature is high brightness, Up to 2500lm, the irradiation distance can reach 800 meters, most of the materials are aluminum-plastic combination, aluminum is mainly for heat dissipation to maintain the life span of LED chips, ABS and TPR are mainly for portability, touch and fall resistance, dry battery and rechargeable battery are both suitable as power supply, and the waterproof and dustproof grade of spotlights can reach IP65. Each spotlight is designed with a handle, strap or mountaineering buckle, which you can carry or hang on a backpack. Portable spotlights is especially suitable for hunting. You can use the brightness provided by spotlights to aim at your prey for a long distance, and you can also find out various road conditions and avoid danger at a long distance in advance. LED Spotlights will be matched with some fluorescent color design, such as phosphor added to plastic to form a plastic shell, which is easy to find in the darkness, and others can also avoid lighting you through fluorescent color, so that you can keep away from danger.

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