Battery operated handheld spotlight


The dry battery powered LED spotlight is the original model of rechargeable LED spotlight, but it is popular right now. AA or AAA dry battery power supply is the simplest way when people use LED spotlights at the first time. Such spotlights are mainly used in daily life because the luminous flux is basically between 100lm-300lm, the discharge time is between 3.0-6.0 hours, the irradiation distance is 50m-250m, the waterproof grade is about IP65, and most of the materials are ABS or ABS sprayed rubber paint. Because of the dry battery powered LED spotlights are not good at long distance illumination, we added the COB function when we designed, because COB has large irradiation angle and wide irradiation range, which can better meet the expectation of people for aperture in close range illumination, so COB will be equipped at the head of the lamp to replace the focusing SMD function, or to the body part combined with the focusing SMD in the head.

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