Corded LED Work light


Corded LED work light equipped with power cord and different plug types of European Standard, British Standard and American Standard, which is connected with 220V or 110V AC. It’s mainly used in factory building, warehouse and workshop. This kind of work lamp is designed with lithium battery or plug.

The advantage of that run by lithium battery model is that it can be used as a lamp with mobile power supply after out of power supply. Of course, it can be used as an alternating current lamp when plugged in, and the two-in-one mode is particularly convenient. The 220V plug powered lamps must be placed in the range that the power cord can reach, and there are certain restrictions. However, the luminous flux of this kind of work light can be very high whether it is plug powered or with lithium battery, such as 10000lm with lithium battery or 15000lm single lamp by plug power. The material of such products is ABS or aluminum-plastic combination. Our best corded work light for mechanics has passed the CE and RoHS of SGS, and also has the certificate of ETL issued by TUV.

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